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tFly Girl


Before her journey into Pilates, Yael Japha Trainer was a professional dancer and dance teacher with various local companies and studios across the Front Range. A third generation Colorado native, she discovered Pilates while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2008. In 2009, Yael felt the pull of the mountains and returned home to Denver, where she spent four years developing her personal practice with Cara Reeser at Pilates Aligned. Yael earned her teacher training certification from the Pilates Center of Boulder, completed the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program® in 2013, and today is an active PMA®-CPT certified educator. Committed to giving back to the community, Yael works with the Pilates 4 Youth program and offers classes and private sessions for kids. Before opening TerraFly Pilates, Yael taught at Pilates Aligned, pH7, Colorado Athletic Club and BlueSky Physical Therapy. Yael enjoys using Pilates to help others find connection through movement. She received a BA in Dance and Political Theory from the Claremont Colleges in Southern California, and continues to find inspiration from dance, yoga, and any activity that allows her to move and be creative. When not at her studio, you’ll find Yael running, biking and climbing with her husband, dog, and friends.

Shere Dayney

Shere earned her instructor certification in the classical Pilates method through PH 7 Pilates, and recently graduated from Master teacher Cara Reeser’s Kathy Grant Heritage Training Program® in 2016. She holds numerous specialty Pilates continuing education credits, as well being a certified yoga instructor. Originally trained as a classical ballet dancer, Shere was a founding member of Colorado Concert Ballet (now Colorado Ballet), and has had with a life long love affair in the dynamics of movement.

Prior to becoming a certified instructor, Shere discovered Pilates in her quest to find relief for compression fractures and disc-related back pain. It soon became the salve that soothed her body, and inspired her to become a certified instructor so she could help others achieve their personal goals and live active, healthy lives unhindered by pain. When she’s not in the studio, you’ll find Shere traveling the world, spending time with her husband and two daughters, and enjoying all the wonderful things Colorado has to offer!

Panny Cowan

Panny got her first taste of Pilates while living in Chicago after college. Immediately, she fell in love with the way it made her feel, and hasn't looked back. After relocating to Denver, Panny earned her certification in the classical Pilates method through pH7 Pilates. She finds strength and confidence through movement, and loves helping her clients on their own personal Pilates journeys. A huge proponent of the vast array of exercises Pilates offers, and the ability to adapt and customize the practice for all types of students. Empowered by helping her clients expand both their knowledge and practice, Panny believes that the movement techniques learned through Pilates offers an invaluable combination of healing, energizing, life changing results.

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Sarah Nelson is a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, barre and indoor cycling teacher, and all around movement enthusiast.  Sarah has studied worldwide in both classical and contemporary Pilates methods and welcomes learning opportunities whenever possible.  Sarah believes that Pilates should be fun and functional, and her work centers around training and motivating people feel great in their bodies and to do what they love more often with greater ease! 

Sarah has passionately pursued certifications and specialty trainings in Pilates for Neurological Conditions, pre natal fitness, rehabilitation, ballet barre, body rolling, and fascial release. Sarah develops fun and informative workshops and fitness events and her extensive client list includes Pilates beginners, seasoned practitioners, professional athletes, brides and bachelorettes, and pre/post natal women. 

The tFly Story

The tFly Story

My grandmother was a wise woman, and always insisted that the two most important ideas when raising children were roots and wings.  For her, roots meant family, community, place, a feeling of groundedness, while wings represented experimentation, travel, learning and being free. The name TerraFly is all about roots and wings: Terra means earth and land - that feeling of groundedness that comes with Pilates; Fly is the feeling of freedom you have when your body is strong, flexible, and able to move freely. I’m excited for you to experience TerraFly Pilates with me, and achieve the strength, flexibility, balance and freedom of movement I’ve grown to love.  

tFly Testimonials

tFly Testimonials

tFly Friends

tFly Friends

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