Pilates BootCamp image 2018.png

Whether you’re new to Pilates or looking for a fresh take on your favorite exercises, here are four reasons to try Pilates Bootcamp at TerraFly Pilates this spring

1.     Pilates bootcamp is fun. It’s a high energy class with all the Pilates exercises and goodness that you love. Bonus: You will never have to do a burpee. 

2.     Pilates bootcamp is good for your body. During each Pilates Bootcamp class, you’ll move, strengthen, and stretch your entire body while moving in a variety of ways! 

3.     Pilates bootcamp is an efficient, healthy workout. Pilates Bootcamp will get your heart rate up and help you feel stronger for whatever your day holds. 

4.     Pilates bootcamp energizes you for the workday. Pilates Bootcamp is offered at 6:30am, so you can start your day feeling strong, balanced, inspired and focused!