Our certified instructors teach the classical Pilates method, centered on creator Joseph Pilates’ 6 key principles: breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision.  Our small class sizes allow for personalized instruction in our community oriented space for adults and kids alike. Each class is different, offering an array of challenging exercises using reformers, chairs, the Cadillac, the ladder barrel, jump boards, and mats to help sculpt strong, long, lean muscles, from tips to toes. Build flexibility and embrace the freedom of movement. Plant your feet, spread your wings, and get ready to TerraFly!

Classes are scheduled Monday-Saturday. Single sessions, class packages and memberships are available. Contact us for more information on privates, duets, or specialty classes.


Learn About Our Classes:

TerraFly Fundamentals: Learn the equipment and principals of Pilates to set you up for success in any class! 

TerraFly Reformer: Lengthen, stretch, tone, and learn the classical Pilates sequence in reformer class.  

TerraFly Chair: Chair classes use this approachable apparatus to build strength, improve balance, and challenge the body. 

TerraFly Tower/Mat: Combine classical mat work with the tower's spring resistance in this challenging, unique class. 

TerraFly Jumpboard: Get your heart rate up in this fun class! Jumpboard is a great low-impact, full body, cardio workout.

TerraFly Restore: Move, stretch, align and give your body the love it deserves with Restore class.

TerraFly Combo: Combo class offers a taste of everything – from the mat to chair, tower, reformer and back. No two combo classes are ever the same!

TerraFly 20/20/20: Looking for a new class to change up your routine? Our new 20/20/20 class offers just that. 20 minutes on the reformer, 20 minutes on the chair, and 20 minutes on the tower/mat.

TerraFly Industry Class: This class is designed for our friends in the service industry - from hair stylists to waiters and waitresses. Treat yourself to a workout designed to open you shoulders, strengthen your core and help you stay on your feet all week long!

TerraFly Kids: Pilates isn’t just for adults! Bring your kiddos aged 8+ and let them move in a safe, supported class.