Our certified instructors teach the classical Pilates method, centered on creator Joseph Pilates’ 6 key principles: breath, centering, concentration, control, flow, and precision.  Our small class sizes allow for personalized instruction in our community oriented space for adults and kids alike. Each class is different, offering an array of challenging exercises using reformers, chairs, the Cadillac, the ladder barrel, jump boards, and mats to help sculpt strong, long, lean muscles, from tips to toes. Build flexibility and embrace the freedom of movement. Plant your feet, spread your wings, and get ready to TerraFly!

Classes are scheduled Monday-Saturday. Single sessions, class packages and memberships are available. Contact us for more information on privates, duets, or specialty classes.


Adult Classes (3 - 10 students per class)

tfFundamentals: Required before attending all group classes, tfFundamentals is designed to familiarize you with the equipment, flow and principles behind all TerraFly Pilates classes, giving you both roots and wings for fearless flight.

tfReformer: Do the TerraFly tango in our tfReformer class. Use the reformer as your partner and “dance” your way through expertly choreographed sequences to create your best body ever.

tfChair: Just because there’s a seat, doesn't mean you can’t fly. tfChair classes use this approachable apparatus to support the beauty and athleticism of the dance of Pilates.

tfTower: Fly through the air with the greatest of ease in this exciting class filled with inversions and supported aerial movements. From assisted sit-ups to dance acrobatics, your body will soar with the flow of tfTower.

tfJumpboard & Abs: Jump in and fly as you build lean mean abs in our fun and fast paced tfJumpboard & Abs.

tfMat: One of the most fluid, graceful methods in traditional Pilates, our tfMat class features challenging, choreographed sequences to create balance, while strengthening, lengthening and toning your body.

tfStretch & Align: Lengthen, strengthen, and improve your posture and practice with tfStretch & Align.

tfCombo: Fly from reformer to tower to chair and back again in this dynamic class, where ever-changing sequences will keep you on your toes.


Kids Classes (3-6 per class)

Pairing freestyle and structured dance techniques with classical Pilates sequences, we offer class for kids ages 8 & up. Choreography and equipment (reformers, mats, ladder barrel) is chosen based on age and ability.

tfMovement: Pilates & Dance for ages 8-12.